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Celebrating Earth Day with EcoZen Store

In spring of 1970, twenty million people demonstrated on streets in different cities around America. The reason? To put climate change and air pollution on the national agenda. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin State of America established Earth Day to encourage acknowledgement of the negative effects that corporations and their pollution was having effects on the environments and living conditions of communities around the US. It was a success.

In December 1970, the US Environmental Protection Agency was instituted. Earth Day and its supporters ultimately contributed to passage of the Clean Air Act, Water Quality Improvement Act, Endangered Species Act, and other environmental laws.

Soon after, in 1990, Earth Day went global and 200 million people in 141 countries celebrated. Another fun fact, the first Paris Climate Agreement was signed on Earth Day in 2016.

Earth Day serves as a reminder to remember humanity’s values to protect our planet from the threats it faces due.

While corporations need to be held accountable, there are a few ways to celebrate Earth Day as an environmental warrior yourself:

  1. Prompt understanding of important environmental issues. Read up on updated articles to inform yourself about the climate change crisis and encourage friends and family to do so as well.

  2. Commit yourself to service on and around Earth Day (or any day really). Service can look like planting trees, cleaning up a stream, or helping the community garden. There are many small ways to spend your day working for the planet.

  3. Incorporate little changes into your daily routine. Practice turning off the lights when you leave the room or cut down showers by simply a minute or two.

  4. Advocate for endangered species. This can look like donating to certified organizations or even simply educating yourself and others about a diminishing species. Advocating can also look like using the species in mind as a mascot to raise awareness.

  5. Take a walk in nature and appreciate it. This tip speaks for itself, a walk in nature can remind us of the beauty of our world and our desire to protect it.

  6. Take a tech break. This can include from your phone, computer, tv, and can even include simply turning off the lights for the day.

  7. Finally, try a new eco-friendly brand! Here at EcoZen Store, we aim to provide a fully sustainable experience, from our jewelry to the packaging that you will receive it in. Taking some time to try eco-friendly and sustainable brands is a great way to support local artisans around the world, have full confidence that your purchase will have no negative environmental impact, and encourage small steps to a more sustainable future in consumerism.

-EcoZen Store LLC

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