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Tagua Nut Jewelry Care

-Handmade with love

Purchasing eco-friendly and biodegradable jewelry from EcoZen Store was the first step. Now comes the hard part of keeping it sustainable. Jewelry, eco-friendly or otherwise, can be easily damaged. This makes us feel as though we need to throw our favorite pieces away. However, there are certain steps you can take to make sure our Tagua nut jewelry lasts a lifetime, and that the pieces continue to look just as they did the first time you wore them: colorful, unique, and beautiful.

  1. Avoid constant and direct sunlight. Tagua nut beads may look amazing at the beach, summer weddings, or on the cruise, but just as you avoid extreme sun exposure to your skin, avoiding extreme sun exposure to the jewels will help maintain the bright colors and avoid progressive dullness.

  2. Keep your tagua beads away from water. Water can create slices and breakage within the jewels, so keeping them dry will result in the greatest shape and condition of the Tagua nuts.

  3. Clean your Tagua nut jewelry gently with cotton or muslin cloth. Our own body oils and sweat can build up over the jewels, and eventually dim the brightness of the pieces. Use gentle cloth and gently rub around each jewel. You can also use beeswax to hand polish and buff tagua beads to a beautiful shine if you feel it is needed. Avoid water, strong wood cleaners, and chemical jewelry cleaners, which can negatively react with the natural dyes. One of the best parts of Tagua nut jewelry is that it only takes a little cleaning for a grand result.

  4. Store your jewelry carefully in the natural organic pouches. While Tagua nuts are extremely durable, rough storage conditions can create scratches on the nuts and reduce the quality of the cords and clasps of each piece. Be cautious, especially while traveling, and make sure that some of the more fragile pieces are carefully stored in your carry-on to avoid breaking.

-EcoZen Store LLC

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