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Hello! My name is Gloria and I am the founder of EcoZen Store. My journey began in 2020 (what a year!). My workplace had put me on furlough for a few months, and I was eventually terminated. During this fiasco, I wanted to focus on the good, and it grew to be the perfect opportunity to begin working on my dream: starting my own business! I researched what I could bring to this world, my foundation being an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. There are three main tenets that have inspired me to take this leap and challenge my abilities. 


I have a Passion for Fashion. My closet is filled with vibrant colors and classic styles. Growing up in a tropical country and then moving to the United States with my family, I have grown to love a variety of fashions from around the world and wanted to share one part of this passion with you!


I am Developing a Mission. Although we have gathered so much scientific evidence about the environmental effects of human action in the past decade or so, we must continuously work to be more conscious about our global footprint. I love to be out in nature, whether it is camping or hiking with my family, and I want to play my part in reducing my personal waste and working towards sustainability. 


Last but not the least, I want to Build a Community. Through EcoZen Store, I want to bring together a like minded individuals from around the world to work towards a common goal, encouraging a conscious environmental awareness and still enjoying the beauty of the nature. In creating the EcoZen community, we are connecting with and supporting artisans around the world for their betterment. 

Helping Our Community 

The Golden House is a comprehensive domestic violence agency whose mission is to provide safety and support for victims of domestic abuse. A portion of our proceedings here at EcoZen Store LLC will be donated to this local organization to provide support to end domestic violence in our community. For more :

Jewelry made from a tagua nut. Ethically sourced from artisans in South America. Here at EcoZenStore, we promote eco-friendly and sustainable online jewelry known as vegetable ivory. 
Colorful, and vibrant jewelry you will have fun wearing them all the time.

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