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Zero Waste

Why we are committed to zero waste here at EcoZen Store.

EcoZen Store strives to promote a zero-waste lifestyle. To live a zero-waste lifestyle means to conserve resources by responsible production, consumption, reuse, and recovery of packaging materials with no discharges to land, water, or air. In essence, this means that we are constantly working to ensure that none of the resources that we use gets sent to a landfill or incinerator.

Landfill sites are areas in which everything that cannot be recycled or reused is piled. In the United States alone, Americans send nearly 728,000 tons of trash to landfills each day. Landfills are responsible for 20% of methane emissions, and can have a negative effect on soil and water sources. So how do we, as a society, combat the damage inflicted by landfills? It all starts with community, and with you.

#ZeroWastelifestyles are incredibly beneficial for the environment and the economy. Communities that aim to reduce waste create nearly 10x more jobs than communities that rely on disposal. It also takes significantly less energy to create certain aluminum based products from recycled materials, rather than raw materials. Zero waste also allows consumers to focus on high-quality and lasting products to prevent unnecessary expenditure and waste products.

Since recycling alone cannot counter environmental damage (only 8% of plastics are actually recycled!), it’s incredibly important to begin emphasizing reducing and reusing in our daily lives. A single person contributes about 4.4 pounds to landfills per day— a number that can be significantly reduced with some extra effort. EcoZen Store aims to help you reuse by providing reusable packaging and a delivery service that helps lower carbon emissions. #TaguaNut jewelry, or Vegetable Ivory, is strong and made to last and biodegradable, therefore reducing the damage done to the environment if disposed.

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